Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Am a Microsoftie now..

Yeah.. joined MS on 11th July, Monday..
Am one of those in the Evil Dark empire... ,-)

Is a great campus btw..
Actually a campus.. not to mention a spanking new building.. Yankee style..

and no restrictions on timings/ security/ ......
do what you want is the mantra...

still exploring the place really.. so dont really have a final opinion about the place.. will keep writing as and when i discover this new place..

HYD is actually a nice place.. contrary to my believe that people must have been wrong when they claimed it to be one...
Not big enough.. not small ..
nice simple people you can actually talk to..

Again, still discovering the place..

So sigining off for now,

Monday, July 04, 2005

My last days here..

I end my period with ST tomorrow i.e. 5th July, Tuesday. After 2 year 7 months...
Somehow I aint all that nostalgic or emotional.. i knew it was around the corner for a while..
So I was kind of mentally prepared..

The only thing I will miss for sure is my group.. had some real nice people in my group and will miss them.. Hope to keep contact with them.. and considering I belong here in Delhi, I hope to see them sometimes too..

For now, am busy taking the necessary clearances from various departments.. before they can relieve me.. A big time boring activity.. specially on your last few working hours...

Signing off,


Saturday, July 02, 2005


Skyline of metropolitan Delhi..

One of those rare evenings in Delhi where the moon and the colors of the sky actually shows..
Took this one from the terrace of my apartment.. not the best possible shot.. but still liked it..
Some touch-up on the comp as well..

aaaaarghhh... there is alooooong way to go for me to really get some eye-catching stuff...
till then will have to do with mediocre stuff like this ...

Signin' off,


Friday, July 01, 2005

Lemme check the date again... O ho.. Its 21st Century here... REALLY ????


been a name quite in news here for a while.. The mother of 5 who was raped by her father-in-law..
The religious clerics of 'Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband' allegedly issued a fatwa on her instructing her to separate from her Husband..
Yeah you read that Right...
And now today there is a news piece claiming that the organisation never really issued such a fatwa..

read on here 'No fatwa in Imrana rape case: Deoband' !!!
Also read what Amit Varma writes at India Uncut about this..

Sometimes I wonder if the entire of India lives in the same Time Zone..
No one has cared to speak about the father-in-law in question.. while the poor woman has been dubbed 'haraaam' (forbidden)... aaargh..

It still is 11th Century in some parts of India... so much for India Shining !!

Signing off for now,

A new beginning...


So here it is.. a new beginning. A new blog..
Not my first.. but then almost my first.. Starting afresh after a break of nearly an year...

26 Married

Am still in Delhi.. my last few days here.. as I wind up my work and other activites from here..
Quite hectic.. but am loving it..
a nice change from the dredgery of my job.. never really pushed me enough..

Anyway you ll read more about it as I write on.. which hopefully I shall...

Ahaa.. forget to write .. I am gonna post pictures here often..
Am quite hooked on photography.. still learning.. and enjoying it..

So here is a start...


As per traditional Indian customs, Ganesha is known to bring good luck for starting a new activity.
Not that I am a hard core traditionalist.. but then I still chose this one... to start with..

Till we meet again !!
Signing off,