Monday, July 05, 2010

Wine Shop/ Beer Store opens at Hyper City, Hyderabad

This one truly did inspire me, or lets say, en-spirited me to post again.. :)

So, there it goes.. the long awaited Wine/ Liquor/ Beer section has opened at the HyperCity, InOrbit Mall, Hyderabad.

For long, HyperCity has been the premier super-store in Hyderabad, atleast most specifically for Hitech City area, and the un-used and later mis-used (by housing coke and pepsi there) section for Spirits and Wines has finally opened this Friday, to much uproar.

The reason, this makes me soo happy is, because all around this area, the small Wine Shops are simply pathetic. Not only are they not well stocked, with hardly a choice of wines to choose from, but they also sell stuff much above MRP, which is like a norm with all of them around here. Plus, the service at these shops is not much to talk about, to put it softly.

Read in the TOI recently, that new liquor licenses were auctioned in the state, and apparently, although Hypercity couldnt acquire one (due to high price ??? ), but now, they seemed to have entered into a profit-share agreement or something with an entity called 'Janapriya Liquidz', probably someone who did acquire the license, and have got them to operate out of their vacant spirits section.

Experience: Well, its still early days, and they have just got the show to start running. As of now, they still didnt have proper price stickers on the shelves etc, nor did they have the automatic/ digital billing systems up yet, but its a good start and they DID bill at MRP :). You can navigate around your trolley and pick your liking and get them billed at the counter. Am hoping, they will build upon the existing infrastructure to better the experience.

Selection: Well, wouldnt claim to know what all they house, but they had a reasonable selection of Indian wines - Sula, Grover, Four Seasons, both Red and White Wines. No foreign wines yet.
Beers- they had Kingfisher, Tuborg, Carlsberg, Royal Challenge. Spirits: Smirnoff Vodtka, Bacardi White run, Breezers, selection of Scotch, single malt etc.

So, here is a toast to HyperCity for bring this long-awaited section to life. Cheers!!!!