Monday, March 27, 2006

Some pics I took over the weekend !!

Mangoes in my backyard..

Is quite a pleasing sight to stand in the balcony and see these delightful fruits..

Soft, wavvy, breezy..
Keep guessing what this sight is..

My new Sandisk 'm240' MP3 Player

Is my latest prized possession.. just a notch below my 'Digital Rebel' though..

Thats just a shot I really loved..
Write to me if you want a full size resolution of this to use as a Wallpaper..

Comments, feedback are welcome as always...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tani comes home..

Last afternoon, Tani visited us with her parents and Granny for the first time. And she slept off for most of the visit... how rude? no.... ,-)

See for yourself..

Though she did shake hands with Mami..

But she snored through most of Mama's jokes

And she looked sweeeet in her new frock..

Dadi and Mami tried their best to wake her up..

Cajoling her, shaking her.. but to no avail..

Until they enlisted her Mom to help out...

and the first thing she asks,
'Hey Mama done with his jokes na?'
Well, holding on to my whole bag of PJs until she comes visiting us next. :D

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tani is naughty like her mama...

..the proof! Starting real young...

All smiles..

Proud dad cant keep his eyes off her..

Finding bliss in Mami's lap

Playing with mami..

Mami obliging the camera atlast..

thats my intense look...

Hey Mama, for heavens sake, cant you leave me alone for a min now..

Tani and Vandita are doing good. Getting to know each other better now.
Anand is finally getting some sleep...

Keep watching this space for updates..

Signing off,

Friday, March 03, 2006


Incredibly sweet...
thats what my sweet little niece is...

Tani... as we are calling her right now..
She was born yesterday... 2nd March at 11.33 AM at Apollo Hospital, HYD...
to the proud parents- Anand and my lil sister, Vandita.
She weighs 2.8 Kgs and is 51 cm tall. :~D

Gosh, she resembles them both somewhat.. and looks as naughty as her mama.. ^* (evil grin..)
It feels sooo nice to be a mama ;-)

Check the pics of the lil angel urself..
(click on the images to enlarge them)

Proud Mom

Baby and Mum

Doesnt Tani resemble Vandita in this one?

Looking around

Feelin' Sleepy..

With Dadi and Mami

and here she looks like Anand..

the apple of all eyes..

So wishing Tani bounties of health.. and strength..
And Anand and Vandita a lifetime of joy !!