Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bz WeeKs

Have been having some bz weeks...
Quite a lot of things to do or fix.. and not entirely fun things..
Anyway thats how starts are.. so be it..

Meanwhile, weekends have been mostly fine lately.. mostly relaxing.
Caught up on a few movies past weeks..
A quick round-up :

Really nice and touching movie. Makes you realise how awfully good Nagesh Kukunoor is. Simple straight forward story told really really well. Top class acting.. and the young kid (who plays Iqbal) rocks.. Naseer is solid as ever.. and So is Girish Karnad. Old timers at their best. The best part is the uplifting spirit is enduces. And specially in these times of Ganguly-Chappel feuds, makes you realise cricket was meant to be about passion not politics..

Good story.. Average screenplay... Bad direction.
Ok I dont like this chap.. Emraan Hashmi.. but heard this one had a nice story. The dir ruined the movie with patchy editing and really awful ending. Features two girls : Udita Goswami, Shamita Shetty. Neither can act. PERIOD.
Demonstrates how a catchy storyline can engage you inspite bad acting.
PS: A couple of really nice soulful songs..

Overhyped.. Cmon, this is was just a masala flick which dint even pretend to scratch the surface of live-in relationships. Just a fun-frolic-masala flick. Amazing locations and sights captured on film. That was the best part. But plzzzzz dont go to watch it for its storyline.

Anyway moving away from movies, Mom is coming over on Monday. so am all kicked up about it. Dying to see her.. been a looooong time.

So watch out for my next post. Hopefully should have lotsa travel news.. lotsa pics and stuff.