Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Doorie - Atif Aslam's new album

Just released... Doorie
Atif Aslam's second music album..

Much awaited.. I hope to hear all its songs soon..
heard on the radio the title song :
"Doori sahi nahi jaaye.."

Sounds fun !!!
Watch out for updates..

Thursday, December 14, 2006

KANK - Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

This might sound blasphemous.. I saw KANK last weekend, and contrary to my expectations, I thought it wasnt as bad as it was made out to be.

KANK is a solidly made movie with very strong direction. I cant say the same about its story and to an extent screenplay. The story is.. well.. a story, you might like it or hate it, I personally didnt like it that much. The screenplay on the other hand is very patchy.. very inconsistent. It starts off at such a jarring note, I wanted to stop the movie at the 20 mins stage. Then it started becoming interesting, only to again go down via the predictable and cliche alley.. So thats the way it goes.

The acting is again quite patchy. SRK really sucks.. To an extent he gets unbearable at places. Well, he isnt alone to be blamed. The screenplay alleviates the problem. The best of the cast is definitely Abhishek. He alone brings a lot of energy and realism to the otherwise over mythical characterization. Rani and Preity are quite ok.

Another mention I must make is for Amitabh. I know he looks a little weird and unexpected as SAM in the movie, but for me, his is the best written and most exciting role in the entire movie. He is the most complex of all the characters and after the intial unease in watching AB doing all the unusual stuff, found his story the most interesting. I wish the movie was more about him than SRK. :)

Another thing you should see the movie for is Karan Johar. See, you might agree with his vision or not, you might buy into his story's credibility and POV or not, but you have to agree that he projects his own vision so well. His is a unique style of story telling, however similar it may look to the over-stylized look of a the new breed of directors.

I only hope KJ brings out a somewhat more interesting subject the next time round.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sony Ericsson W810i - My latest crush !!

Last weekend, I bought myself a spanking new Sony Ericsson W810i, a high end mobile phone from the Sony Walkman stable. And boy, am I pleased with it...

If you know me a little, you would know that I have never been a fan of these high end mobile phones that give you a wide array of features. I have resisted buying one of these for all these years and even might have recommended friends against buying themselves..

But I guess I got smitten by this one. All this time, I always felt that these so called high end models were really over hyped with really no substance. They boasted of cameras but what resolution - 1 megapixel or VGA.. They would claim to play MP3, but the quality of playback and earphones was crappy at best. And then the LCD screens these models boasted were soo tiny and dull, it wasnt worth all the money.

When I set my eyes on W810i, I was blown away. Here was a phone optimised as a musicplayer, it has special dedicated keys for music playback, its loudspeaker plays out as good music as is practically possible on a mobile device and they were giving out a high end earphone in the kit, which could even connect to a conventional earphone as well (using the in the kit adaptor). And they give you a 512 MB memory stick in the kit as well, leaving you fully equipped to start using
the device as an MP3 player without a need to buy accessories.

And then there is a 2-megapixel camera as well, the results of which, not paralleling digicams
though, but are still classy enough, specially in the daylight.

And the designing with its satin black finish is alluring.

I am kinda busy to write an indepth review on the phone, but take my word for it, its the best damn thing that you can buy below 15K. The only drawback I saw when buying this one is that this is not a Symbian device. So all the Symbian apps on the net wont work on it. In short, if you want a business phone, wherein you would like to read/ create word or Acrobat docs, this isnt the model for you. But I didnt feel I would use it too much as a business tool, and went with it.

So, W810i rocks !!! :-)

Friday, December 01, 2006

First A530 Pic !!

This is the first upload of a pic taken with my new Canon Powershot A530 !!

I had been trying to upload the first set of pics for a while now.. but have been having trouble with blogger..

Lets hope the problem is resolved and you guys get to see more of the pics !!

Ciao !!